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Oktoberfest season starts in September! Start getting ready now. Visit our Oktobefest section to find your local Oktoberfest celebrations, get ideas for creating your own Oktoberfest party, learn Oktoberfest lingo, plus much more!

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Attend your local Oktoberfest - a great way to learn about German Food!

Oktoberfest is a 16-18 day festival held each year in Munich. It is the largest (public) festival in the world, each year attracting over six million visitors.

Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the United States commemorate the world-famous and time-honored Oktoberfest in Munich. The U.S. Oktoberfests celebrate German culture, heritage, and traditions and most try to incorporate as much of this into their festivals as possible.

Each Oktoberfest celebration here in the U.S. is unique in that it offers its own schedule of entertainment, foods and beverages, and its own local flair. However, at most Oktoberfest celebrations, you will find authentic German foods, including beer from German, local, and/or American brewers.

Find an Oktoberfest celebration near you in our Oktoberfest directory.

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