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Dinkelbier is a beer made from at least 50% spelt (Dinkel), a hard kernel wheat that is the predecessor to the modern day wheat variety.

Classification:  Vollbier

Type of Beer:  Ale

Alcohol Content:  4.5%

Extract Value:  11%

Region:  Primarily in Bavaria (Bayern) and Baden-Württemberg

Well Known Brands
Neumarkter Lammsbräu

Beer Characteristics
Opaque. Very thick head. Spicy.

Serving Suggestions
Optimal serving temperature is 46-48° F (8-9° C).

Spelt (Dinkel) dates back 3000 years BC in the region known today as Baden Württemberg. It has a long standing tradition here as an important and healthy grain used in both beer and bread making. However, due to its low yield, spelt production was cut back during World War I and II and replaced with a high yielding grain to feed the hungry population. In recent times, spelt is making a comeback due to its healthliness. 


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