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Sticke beer is a darker and stronger version of the Düsseldorf Altbier. It is brewed only twice a year - the third Tuesday of January and October.

Sticke is a local dialect word for "secret." The Uerige brewery does not reveal the recipe for its unique brew.

Classification:  Starkbier

Type of Beer:  Ale

Alcohol Content:  6%

IBU:  65

Region:  Düsseldorf

Well Known Brands

Beer Characteristics
Strong note of chocolate and malt. Full-bodied and well-hopped. Well-balanced between bitterness and a nutty, malty sweetness. Full bodied and flavorful. Dark copper in color. Noble hop bouquet and creamy head similar to a Pils.

Serving Suggestions
Optimal serving temperature is 45-50° F (7-10° C).

Sticke beer works well as an aperitif. It also goes well with pork, roasted chicken, salmon, as well as Gouda and Camembert cheese.

Sticke was created by the Altbier brewpub Uerige in Düsseldorf.  


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