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Also Known As:   Dortmunder Export, Dortmunder Helles, Dort, Dortmunder Exportbier

A blond lager that originated in the city of Dortmund in the 19th century, it was a favorite of the miners and industrial workers due to its strength. Today, the Dortmunder has been replaced by the Pils as Germany's favorite beer. But the Dortmunder still holds a small percentage of the market share.

Classification:  Vollbier

Type of Beer:  Lager

Alcohol Content:  At least 5%

Extract Value:  12%

Region:  Dortmund

Well Known Brands
Dortmunder Union Brauerei (DUB), Dortmunder Actien Brauerei (DAB)

Beer Characteristics
Deep golden color. Strong malt flavor with a slight sweetness. Full bodied, moderately hopped - but less hopped than a Pils.

Serving Suggestions
Optimal serving temperature is 46° F (8° C).

Although beer production in the city of Dortmund began in 1266, the beer known today as Dortmunder was first invented in 1843 by Heinrich Wenker and his father. Through his education at beer schools in Munich and Vienna, Wenker learned lager beer production. He brought this knowledge back to Dortmund with him and made the regions first lager beer.

By 1871, Wenker began making his brew a little bit stronger than competing beers. He did this so that his beer wouldn't spoil when it was exported outside of Dortmund. However, Dortmunder beer quickly became popular with the miners and industry workers in the nearby Ruhrgebiet region who clamored with the stronger beer. Because of this, the beer quickly became known as the "beer for the working class." 


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