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Also Known As:   Malztrunk, Kraftbier, Nährbier

A dark, sweet, alcohol-free ale that is similar to root beer. It is produced by brewing regular, low-hopped dark beer. However, it is chilled to just above the freezing point before the yeast is added. This puts the yeast in an inactive state, keeping the sugar in the brew unfermented. Before bottling, malzbier is filtered or pasteurized, thereby removing or killing the yeast. Artificial carbonization is added.

Classification:  Vollbier

Type of Beer:  Ale

Alcohol Content:  Less than 0.5%

Extract Value:  11.7%

Region:  Throughout Germany

Beer Characteristics
Very dark in color. Sweet and malty.

Serving Suggestions
Malzbier tastes best cold. It is also often mixed with regular pale ales or lagers, or flavored with a slice of lemon.

The predecessor to malzbier is the "Braunschweiger Mumme," a Starkbier which was first created in 1492. This brew evolved into a high-energy drink and eventually became alcohol-free. 

Additional Information
Malzbier is often consumed by children as their "first beer." It is also consumed as an energy drink because of its high carbohydrate content.


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