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A Weizeneisbock is made like an Eisbock but the Weizeneisbock is made from at least 50% wheat malt. Weizeneisbocks are frozen near the end of their maturation period. During this process, the beer loses about 7 to 10% of its water content. As a result, the alcohol concentration in the beer increases.

Photo: © Schneider Weisse
Classification:  Starkbier

Type of Beer:  Ale

Alcohol Content:  12%

Extract Value:  Over 18%

Region:  Bavaria (Bayern)

Well Known Brands
Aventinus Weizeneisbock from the Schneider-Weisse Brewery

Beer Characteristics
Mahogany in color. Aroma shows hints of almonds, marzipan, and plums. Creamy sweet taste with hints of chocolate, dried figs, and banana. Malty. The alcohol is evident.


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