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Glühwein (Mulled Wine)

Glühwein (mulled wine) is an alcohol-containing hot drink enjoyed during Advent time and the cold Winter months in Germany. It is also a traditional beverage served at Christmas Markets

Which wine should be used?
Red or white wine can be used depending on your preference. Red wine is most commonly used in Germany.  However, in southern parts of Germany and in Austria, white wine is very popular.  In Hessen, apple wine is also used.  The wine should be medium-dry to dry.  As a rule-of-thumb, choose a good quality wine.  For a white Glühwein, try a good Riesling.  For a red Glühwein, try a good Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir).

The Right Spices
Classic Christmas spices are used in the Glühwein: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, allspice, etc. Lemon and/or orange zest is added to refine the flavors. For an extra "kick," a shot of rum or Amaretto can be added, but this is not part of the original Glühwein recipe (Be warned!  This goes right to the head!).


Red Glühwein
White Glühwein
Alcohol Free Glühwein (Great for Children)


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