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Wurttemberg Wine Region


The Württemberg wine region is located in the Germany state of Baden-Württemberg.


Germany's fourth largest wine region.
28,011 acres (11,336 hectares)

3 million gallons (1.1 million hectoliters) of wine are produced annually in the Rheinhessen region (86% Prädikatswein; 13% Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete). This accounts for only 13% of the volume from Germany's entire wine region.

Climate & Geography

The majority of the vineyards are located along the Neckar River and its side-shoots, the Rems, Enz, Kocher, Tauber, and Jagst rivers. The climate here is cool, so the rivers act as warmth-savers and help keep grapevines warm in the cold evenings.

Grape Varieties

33% white and 67% red grape varieties are planted in the Württemberg region. This is the only wine region in Germany that produces more red wine than white wine. The dominant grapes are the Trollinger and Riesling. Other important grapes are listed below.

  Trollinger Red 23.1%
  Riesling White 20.6%
  Schwarzriesling Red 16.6%
  Lemberger Red 10.6%
  Spätburgunder Red 6.8%
  Kerner White 4.8%
  Müller-Thurgau White 4.6%
  Dornfelder Red 2.4%
  Portugieser Red 1.9%
  Silvaner White 1.8%
  (Statistics from

Characteristics of Württemberg Wine

Württemberg is known for its red wines. Most of the wines produced here are consumed locally. Only a small percentage of the top-quality wines are exported and these are very expensive.


It is believed that wine production started here in the 2nd century. However, the first written evidence of wine production in the Württemberg region dates back to the year 766.

Wurttemberg Wine Region
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