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Alkoholfreies Bier

Also Known As:   Alkoholarmes Bier, NA

Alkoholfreies Bier is literally alcohol-free bier. It is not a style of beer but rather a characteristic of a brewing process used on a variety of beer styles.

Alkoholfreies Bier is brewed as a normal beer, then goes through a process of alcohol removal. This might include heating the beer until the alcohol evaporates - this method tends to harm the flavor of the beer. The alcohol may be removed through a "vacuum evaporation" process. When exposed to a vacuum, alcohol becomes a vapor prior to the water in the beer, thus allowing the alcohol to be removed. The most beer-friendly method is reverse osmosis. If an alcoholic beverage is contained in a vessel made of a permeable membrane material and is then surrounded by pure water, the alcohol in the brew will travel through the membrane until the beer and water have the same alcoholic content. The process is repeated several times by replenishing the alcohol-saturated water with fresh water until the beer reaches the prescribed level of no more than 0.5% alcohol.

Alcohol Content:  0.5% or less

Well Known Brands
Clausthaler, Haake-Beck, Erdinger


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