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Knäckebrot is thin, cracker-like bread made from both flours and whole grains. It is baked quickly and at a very high temperature, allowing moisture to evaporate. The final product is crispy and has no more than 10% moisture.

Bread Category:  Specialty Breads

Region:  Throughout Germany 

Main Ingredients
Wheat and rye flours; sourdough; whole grains

Bread Characteristics
Thin and crispy. The classic version is texturized with round indentations on the top of the bread.

Serving Suggestions
Goes well with various toppings (such as cheese, wurst, butter & jam). Also works well as a healthy snack or as an added crunch for soups and salads.

Knäckebrot was originally made in Sweden. It was introduced into Germany in 1927 by the company now known as Burger Knäcke GmbH.

Additional Information
The largest manufacturer of Knäckebrot is Wasa, with locations the city of Celle in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Sweden, and Norway.

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