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Also Known As:   Buttergebäck, Mürbeteig - Plätzchen

Butterplätzchen are butter cookies. They are made with a high amount of butter. The cookie dough is rolled out, then using cookie cutters, cookies are cut out. These cookies are often topped with toppings, such as colored sprinkles, chocolate, and icing.

This cookie is very versatile and is baked throughout the year, although it is a favorite during Christmas time. For Christmas, shapes include Christmas trees, santa claus, stars, and bells. For Easter, shapes include tulips, rabbits, eggs, and baskets. For Valentine's Day, heart shapes are most often used. 

Photo: © Sandra Zuerlein
Throughout Germany 

Main Ingredients
Butter, sugar, flour, eggs

Crispy, buttery, toppings may add quite a bit of sweetness.

Additional Information
Two Butterplätzchen stacked together with some jam or chocolate in between is known as Doppeldecker.


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