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Also Known As:   Bulette, Fleischpflanzerl, Gehacktesbällchen, Bratklösschen, Hackplätzchen, Fleischkrapfen

Frikadellen are a favorite meat dish throughout Germany. They are round, somewhat flattened meat dumplings, made from ground beef, ground pork, or a combination of the two. Unlike other dumplings, Frikadellen are pan fried or deep fried.

Photo: © Sabine Luxem -
Region:  Throughout Germany

Main Ingredients
Frikadellen are made from ground beef, ground pork, or a combination of the two, along with eggs, onions, and bread (or bread crumbs). Various seasonings are added, such as salt, pepper, parsley, marjoram, nutmeg, garlic, and mustard.

Serving Suggestions
Frikadellen are very versatile. They can be eaten warm or cold and they go well with a number of side dishes. They fit nicely with potato salad and pan fried potatoes.

Berliner Buletten 

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