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Leberkäse (Liver Cheese)

Also Known As:  Fleischkäse

This is a flavorful, compact, pink meat-loaf. It is made wtih beef and/or pork. Some lighter versions are made with turkey meat. It is baked in a loaf pan and made without a casing. The amount of liver that is included varies by region. In Bavaria, no liver is added, which is why it is called "Fleischkäse" (Fleisch means meat). Other regions may include liver and there are even regulations specifying the exact amounts of liver required. For example, Stuttgarter Leberk√§se must contain at least 5% liver. Coarse Leberk√§se, where chunks of liver are visible in the loaf, must also contain a minimum of 5% liver.

Photo: © PeJo -
Wurst Category:  Boiled Wurst

Good for Grilling?  No

Specialty of:  Bavaria (Bayern) 

Good as coldcuts (sliceable)?  Yes

Spreadable?  No

Eat this wurst warm?  Yes

Specialty of :  Bavaria (Bayern) 

Serving & Cooking Suggestions
Can be eaten warm or cold. To enjoy it warm, sautee the slices in a little butter until they just begin to develop a brown color. To enjoy it cold, serve thick slices as cold-cuts and eat with bread and mustard.

Leberkäse Recipes
Leberkäseauflauf mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffeln  (Leberkäse Sauerkraut Potato Casserole)
Leberkäse (made with Liver) 

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