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Christmas Baking Schedule

Holiday Calendar
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To help you to stay organized and on-track with your Christmas baking, we've come up with a baking schedule.

4 weeks before Christmas

Bake your Stollen and any cake containing dried fruits.

After baking, wrap up the cakes in aluminium foil and store in a cool, dark place. This gives the dried fruits within the cake a chance to absorb moisture, thereby giving the cake a moist texture.

3 weeks before Christmas

Bake your Spritzgebäck cookies and un-filled cookies made with a short dough, such as Schwarz-Weiss-Gebäck. These cookies have a high butter content and remain fresh (when kept in an air-tight container) for over 4 weeks. These also freeze well.

2 weeks before Christmas

Bake your filled and moist cookies, such as Zimtsterne and Lebkuchen.

1 - 2 weeks before Christmas

Bake Macroons and similar egg-white-based cookies. Store these cookies in an air-tight container.

Make candies, chocolates, and pralines.

3 - 4 days before Christmas

Bake your more delicate cookies, such as Buttergebäck, Vanillekipferl, and Heidesand.

2 - 3 days before Christmas

Bake the base for an Obstkuchen. Cover and store in a cool, dark place. Top with fresh fruit the day it will be served.

1 - 2 days before Christmas

Bake your Christmas cakes, such as Gugelhupf, Linzer Torte, and any layered cakes with frosting, toppings or fillings, such as Black Forest Cake, Frankfurter Kranz, and Sacher Torte.

Make any cakes that require refrigeration time to set, such as Käsesahne Torte and cheesecake.

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