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A Kristallweizen (translated "crystal wheat") is a filtered Weizenbier.

Photo: © Bayerische Brauerbund
Classification:  Vollbier

Type of Beer:  Ale

Alcohol Content:  5.4%

Extract Value:  11-14%

IBU:  8-15

Region:  Mainly in Bavaria (Bayern) but growing in popularity throughout Germany

Beer Characteristics
Clear and light in color. The taste is often described as fruity (similar to a banana) or as sour and spicy. Very mild hops taste. A glass Kristallweizen, just as with the Weizenbier, always has a tall, white, creamy foam on top. Unlike Weizenbier, Kristallweizen beer is artificially carbonated.

Serving Suggestions
For optimal taste, serve chilled (46-50° F / 8-10° C) and in a traditional tall, slender glass. The tallness of the glass gives the carbonation in the beer a long way to travel to the top, keeping the beer fresh and spritzy.

Store the Kristallweizen in a cool, dark place - where no sunlight can reach it (sunlight harms the flavor of the beer). Also, store upright, so that the yeast falls to the bottom of the glass.

Food Pairings
Kristallweizen beer pairs well with seafood and poultry dishes, salads, mild cheese, and sweet desserts.


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