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Holiday Foods & Traditions

Traditions are a set of customs or practices that are handed down from generation to generation. Every holiday and special occasion has a foundation built on traditions. The majority of these traditions center around food.

Germany is a country rich in traditions, especially food traditions. Each important celebration during the year has it own specialties. Here, we identify some of the most important traditions of Easter, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. Our emphasis, of course, are the food traditions that make these holidays so special.

Christmas Decorations
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In Germany, the Easter celebration begins with Good Friday and extends to Easter Monday. Learn about some of the German traditions and foods surrounding this holiday.
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Food is a major part of the Christmas holiday season, from Advent through to Christmas day. Here we identify some of the German Christmas traditions with an emphasis on the food.
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New Year's Eve

Germans follow many traditions on New Year's Eve in hopes of making the new year a good one. Here we discuss Germany's various food do's and don'ts for a successful New Year's Eve.

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Marzipan Stollen
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