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German Food Guide
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German Wines

Germany is known for its white wines, particularly the Riesling.

Germany's northerly location produces many unique wines, unlike any other in Europe. There are four factors of the German wine industry that give German wine its unique characteristics.

Different Climates and Soil Qualities - Germany's wine industry is spread out over 13 regions, each region having its own soil quality and topography. Likewise, each region has a slightly different climate. These conditions combined make for unique wines that are not at all uniform in taste.

Long Ripening Period - Because of Germany's mild climate, grapes take longer to ripen. The longer grapes stay on the vine, the more aroma and flavor they develop. This translates into high quality, flavorful wines.

Wine Know How - Germany has a long tradition of producing wines - the wine industry in Germany began over 2000 years ago. German wine-makers have used this extensive experience, along with continued research and development, to produce a large variety of excellent wines. In fact, never before in history has Germany produced such a variety of wines as it does today.

Quality Standards - Germany's wine quality is heavily monitored. Specific quality standards and classifications were established in 1971. Each German wine is tested and classified. Each wine that passes the standards is given a government approval number (A.P.-Nr.) which is displayed on the wine's label.

White Wine from the Rhine River
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German Wine Regions

Germany's wine industry is divided into 13 wine-producing regions. Each region has slightly different climates and geography and each has its own wine specialty. Learn about the different wine producing regions.

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German Grape Varieties

In Germany, there are almost 100 different varieties of grapes that are used for wines. However, only about 20 grapes have a significant market share. The Riesling is by far the most popular. Here, we described each grape variety.

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German Wine Categories

Confused about the different types of German wine ... Spätlese, Auslese, QbA, QmP, Beerenauslese ... ? Here we define and explain the types of wines to help you choose the right wine for you.

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German Specialty Wines

In addition to the various types of wines whose names are derived by their grape type and quality category, Germany also produces a number of specialty and regional wines.

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German Wine Label

The key to purchasing the right German wine for you is understanding the wine label. The label provides a wealth of information about the wine. Here we describe each aspect of the German wine label.
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Wine & Food

Although there is no specific rule in selecting a wine for a meal, it can often be confusing selecting the perfect wine. Here we provide some recommendations and guidelines for selecting a wine.

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