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Also Known As:   Farmer's Bread, German Rye Bread

A dark bread made from rye and wheat flours, as well as sourdough, which is a bread starter that is allowed to ferment for several days to develop flavor. It is traditionally baked in a brick oven.

Bread Category:  Breads of rye and other flours

Main Ingredients
Rye and wheat flours; often spices such as coriander, allspice, and caraway seeds are added to the dough.

Bread Characteristics
A dark and hearty bread. Inside soft and moist; outside a strong and aromatic crust.

Serving Suggestions
Spread some butter on a slice of Bauernbrot and enjoy! Also goes well with wurst or cheese slices. Bauernbrot has a shelf life of about 12 days. It freezes well too.

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