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Allgäuer Bergkäse

The name "Bergkäse" literally means mountain cheese, or cheese produced in the mountains. Allgäuer Bergkäse is a German version of the Bergkäse. It is legally protected and can only be produced in the Allgäu Alps region, an area in southern Swabia (Schwaben). The milk used to produce the cheese must also be from dairies in this area.

Cheese Category:  Extra Hard Cheeses

Country of Origin:  Germany 

Specialty of:  Allgäu (a region in Swabia, Bavaria) 

Cheese Characteristics

Main Ingredient(s): Raw Cow's Milk

Age (Ripening Period): 4+ months

Flavor: Depending on the age of the cheese, flavor ranges from mild and aromatic to bold and tart.

Consistency: Flexible but firm, light yellow in color, random pea-sized wholes in dough. Rind is dark yellow to brown.

Sliceable? Yes

Spreadable? No

Crumbles? Yes

Use for melting? Yes

Cooking and Preparation Tips
Allgäuer Bergkäse works well in both cold and hot dishes. It tastes great in sandwiches and salads. It also melts nicely so it can be used in baking, casseroles, and soups. 

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