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Cambozola is similar to Bavarian Blu in that it has both a white flowery rind on its surface and blue veins in its dough. It is considered to be a combination of Camembert and Gorgonzola, which is where the name comes from. It has both the moist, rich creaminess of Camembert and the sharpness of blue Gorgonzola.

For extra creaminess, cream is added to the milk for Cambozola. Its fat content is 70%.

Cambozola is patented and exclusively produced by Käserei Champignon, located in the Allgäu region of Bavaria (Bayern).

Photo: © Käserei Champignon
Cheese Category:  Soft Cheese with Flowery Rind

Country of Origin:  Germany 

Specialty of:  Allgäu (a region in Swabia, Bavaria) 

Cheese Characteristics

Main Ingredient(s): Cow's Milk, Cream

Flavor: Rich and creamy with a mild tanginess.

Consistency: Soft.

Sliceable? No

Spreadable? Yes

Crumbles? No

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