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Steinbuscher is a semi-hard cheese produced in the Allgäu region of Bavaria (Bayern). It is made in loaf form and comes in fat levels of 30%, 45%, and 50%.

Cheese Category:  Semi-Hard, Sliced Cheeses

Country of Origin:  Germany 

Specialty of:  Allgäu (a region in Swabia, Bavaria) 

Cheese Characteristics

Main Ingredient(s): Cow's Milk

Age (Ripening Period): 3+ weeks

Flavor: Mild. Tanginess increases with age.

Consistency: Flexible. A few tiny wholes can be found in the dough. Pale yellow in color. Golden brown to redish rind.

Sliceable? Yes

Spreadable? No

Crumbles? No

Use for melting? Yes

Use in dips? No

Dessert cheese? Yes

Cooking and Preparation Tips
Steinbuscher works well for sandwiches or eaten pure.

Steinbuscher was first created in 1830 at the Steinbusch Estate in what was East Prussia. 

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