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Recipes:  Cakes

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Recipe Name Recipe Rating
Advent Gugelhupf 
Alt - Wiener Apfelstrudel   (Apple Studel - Old Austrian Version)
Apfel-Streuselkuchen  (Apple Crumb Cake)
Apfel-Zupfkuchen  (Apple Cake with Cocoa-Crumb Topping)
Apfelkuchen mit Marzipan  (Apple Cake with Marzipan)
Apfelstrudel in Milch gebacken  (Apple Strudel baked in Milk)
Apfelstudel  (Apple Strudel)
Baileys-Nuss-Gugelhupf  (Baileys & Nuts Gugelhupf)
Butterkuchen  (Butter Cake)
Butterkuchen mit Quarkteig  (Butter Cake made with Quark)
Erdbeerkuchen  (Strawberry Cake)
Frankfurter Kranz 
Glühweinkuchen  (Glühwein Cake)
Gugelhupf  (Traditional Recipe)
Heidelbeerkuchen  (Blueberry Cake)
Käsekuchen  (Cheesecake)
Käsesahne Torte  (Cheese & Cream Cake)
Kürbis - Stollen  (Pumpkin Stollen)
Kürbis - Walnuss - Kuchen  (Ambercup Squash & Walnut Cake)
Linzer Torte 
Mandelstollen  (Almond Stollen)
Not yet rated
Marmor-Gugelhopf  (Marble Gugelhopf)
Mohn-Marmor-Gugelhupf  (Poppy Seed Marble Gugelhupf)
Mohnstollen  (Poppyseed Stollen)
Obstkuchen Base - Chocolate Sponge Cake 
Obstkuchen Base - Short Dough 
Obstkuchen Base - Sponge Cake 
Obstkuchen Base - Yeast Dough 
Obstkuchen mit Walnusskernen  (Fruit Cake with Walnuts)
Not yet rated
Osterhasen  (Easter Bunny)
Osterlamm  (Easter Lamb)
Our Favorite Stollen Recipe! 
Peach Blueberry Cake 
Pflaumenkuchen  (Plum Cake)
Not yet rated
Rhabarberkuchen  (Rhubarb Cake)
Rotwein-Gugelhupf  (Red Wine Gugelhupf)
Not yet rated
Sacher Torte 
Schwäbischer Apfelkuchen  (Swabian Applecake)
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte  (Black Forest Cake)
Streuselkuchen  (Crumb Cake)
Strudel Dough 1 
Strudel Dough 2 
Zitronen-Gugelhupf  (Lemon Gugelhupf)
Zwetschgen Studel  (Plum Strudel)
Zwetschgenkuchen  (Plum Cake)
Zwiebelkuchen  (Onion Cake)

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