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Käsesahne Torte

The Käsesahne Torte is a very well-known cake in Germany. It is found in many bakeries and cafes. It can be made with or without fruit.

Literally translated, Käsesahne Torte means Cheese-Cream Cake (not Creamcheese). Its ingredients include both cheese (Quark) and cream (whipped cream). A sponge cake is baked ahead of time and used as a base and topping for the cake. The cheese-cream filling is not cooked. Instead it is filled raw into a spring-form pan over the sponge cake bottom. Gelatine is used as a thickener. The cake must firm up in the refrigerator overnight. 

Throughout Germany 

Main Ingredients
(Quark, whipped cream, sugar, gelatine, eggs, flour, fruit.

Very light with a smooth texture.

Käsesahne Torte  (Cheese & Cream Cake)

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