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Also Known As:   Anisbrötli

Springerle is a traditional Christmas cookie made from a foamy egg dough. These cookies are formed by pressing the dough into a designed mold, which imparts the design onto the cookies. The molded cookies are then dried for up to 24 hours. This allows the design to harden so that it does not "melt" during baking.

The name "Springerle" is derived from the German word "Aufspringen," which means to spring up or to rise. During baking, the Springerle cookie rises to double its original size, creating a base known as the "foot." 

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Baden Württemberg 

Main Ingredients
Eggs, powdered sugar, flour, and anise. The traditional leavening agent is hornsalt (Ammonium Bicarbonate). Hornsalt is harmful before baking, so if using hornsalt be sure not to eat any of the raw dough. Many recipes today replace this leavener with baking powder, a safer alternative.

Serving Suggestions
Springerle cookies pair nicely with coffee, tea, or a glass of lightly sweet white wine.

It is not known exactly when the Springerle was invented. However, there is evidence that molds were used to form baked goods already in the Middle Ages. Molds were made out of stone, metal, ceramic, and wood, and had religious motives, such as biblical events or Christian symbols. It wasn't until the 17th and 18th centuries that more worldly designs were used for the molds.

Additional Information
The Springerle mold is typically carved from wood (pear wood), although plastic molds are also available. Both flat molds and rolling pin molds are available. Flat molds are easier to use than the rolling pin molds.


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