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Armer Ritter

Also Known As:   Rostige Ritter, Semmelschnitten, Weckschnitten, Gebackener Wek, Bavesen

Armer Ritter (translated as "Poor Knight) is the German version of French Toast. It is a sweet breakfast or dessert, in which halved rolls or bread slices are dipped in a egg, milk (or cream), sugar, and vanilla mixture. The bread is fried in butter until golden brown. It is usually topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or vanilla sauce. In some regions, the bread is also stuffed with plum sauce or chocolate before frying. 

Throughout Germany 

The art of dunking bread in an egg mixture and frying it has been around since the Romans. The first evidence is in a cookbook from the 1st century AD. The first German evidence is in a cookbook from 1691. It wasn't called Armer Ritter until 1787.

Armer Ritter  (German Version of French Toast)

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