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Rote Grütze

Rote Grütze is a specialty from Northern Germany. It is a dessert made with fresh red fruits, along with sugar, thickeners, fruit juice, and often liquors.

Historically, this dish was made with grits and fruit juice (without the addition of whole fruits), which made it very grainy and heavy. This is where the name Rote Grütze came from - it means "Red Grits" in German. 

Northern Germany 

Serving Suggestions
Rote Grütze goes very well with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or a vanilla sauce.

Rote Grütze  (Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, and Cherries)
Rote Grütze #2 (Simplier Version)  (Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, and Cherries)
Rote Grütze #3  (Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, and Cherries)

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