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Gelbwurst (Yellow Sausage)

Also Known As:  Hirnwurst, Kalbskäse, Weisser Fleischkäs

A very light sausage, made from pork, bacon, and beef or veal. Seasonings include salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom, and lemon. Some butchers also add parsely. The ingredients are very finely ground, making the sausage very smooth in texture. Typically sold in a yellow casing. The Gelbwurst is especially loved by children because of its mild taste.

Wurst Category:  Boiled Wurst

Good for Grilling?  No

Specialty of:  Bavaria (Bayern) 

Good as coldcuts (sliceable)?  Yes

Spreadable?  No

Eat this wurst warm?  Yes

Specialty of :  Bavaria (Bayern) 

Serving & Cooking Suggestions
The Gelbwurst can be eaten sliced and cold (as cold cuts) on bread. It can also be sliced and pan fried.

First created in 1905. The original wurst was made of 25% pork-brain, and its casing was colored with saffron to obtain its yellow color.


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