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Also Known As:   Palmiers

Schweineöhrchen are cookies made from puff pastry.

Schweineöhrchen are made by layering 4 to 5 sheets of puff pastry on top of each other and then rolled out to a rectangular shape. Each side of the dough (long side) is rolled up to the center - the two sides meet in the center. The dough is then sliced into thin cookies - the design of which resembles an ear or heart. When these cookies are baked, they spread outward (rather than rise upward). 

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Throughout Germany 

Main Ingredients
Puff pastry and sugar. Some varieties are dusted with powdered sugar or decorated with glaze and/or chocolate.

Crispy; not too sweet

Serving Suggestions
Schweineöhrchen go well with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Schweineöhrchen  (Palmiers)

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