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German Breakfast Sweets

The most common breakfast (Frühstück) in the German cuisine includes:

  • A hot drink. This is usually coffee or tea and milk or hot chocolate for children.
  • Juice
  • Bread. This is usually bread rolls (Brötchen), bread slices, or toast.
  • Toppings & Spreads. The favorite toppings and spreads for the bread include cheese, wurst, , butter or margarine, jam, honey, or quark.
  • A hard boiled egg.
  • Cereal or other grain, such as muesli or oatmeal.
  • Fresh fruit
However, on Sundays or special occasions, when there is more time to enjoy a long, cozy breakfast, Germans often have something sweet to end the meal. This may be a sweet bread, cake, or an egg-based dish.

Breakfast Sweets

There are many German breakfast sweets. We list some of the most well-known ones here. Select a breakfast item below to get detailed information and recipes.
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