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Recipe Name Recipe Rating
Heidesand Cookies 
Honiglebkuchen  (Honey Gingerbread)
Klassische Lebkuchen  (Classic German Gingerbread)
Kokos - Marzipan - Makronen  (Coconut-Marzipan-Macaroons)
Kokos Marzipan Makronen  (Coconut Marzipan Macaroons)
Kokos-Mandel-Makronen  (Coconut-Almond-Macaroons)
Lebkuchengewürz  (Gingerbread Seasoning)
Mandelspekulatius  (Almond Spekulatius)
Marzipan Weihnachtsplätzchen  (Marzipan Christmas Cookies)
Oktoberfest Lebkuchen Hearts 
Schwarz-Weiss Gebäck  (Checkered Cookies)
Schweineöhrchen  (Palmiers)
Spritzgebäck  (Spritz Cookies)
Vanillekipferl (with real vanilla) 
Walnuss - Makronen  (Walnut Macaroons)
Wheat & Honey Spekulatius 

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